Welcome to Statewide Building Certification WA
David Mexsom and his son Andrew Mexsom

At SBCWA, our goal is to be 'Part of the Solution' and not part of the problem, we want to find those reasons why a 'Certificate of Design Compliance' or 'Certificate of Building Compliance' should be issued, rather than focusing on why it should not be  issued. We will provide the information and guidance you need to ensure a Building Permit or Approval is issued as quickly as possible.

Our desire is to adopt a 'well considered' and yet 'common sense' approach to arrive at building solutions.

We have a vast and diverse knowledge of the building industry.

At SBCWA, there is a willingness to listen to you and to provide clear, concise and timely building advice.

Our team at SBCWA have over 60 years worth of experience in the building industry, And cover all building classifications, Residential, Commercial and Unauthorised 

Statewide Building offers expert services and certification.

It is often time consuming for our busy clients to organise services such as; Structural Engineers, Architects, Draftsman, Energy Assessors, Bushfire Assessors & Hydraulic, Electrical, & Mechanical Consultants.

At SBCWA, we will assist you to work through the process and endeavour to be a one stop shop servicing your Building and Development needs. 

SBCWA offer a considerate and understanding approach in assisting the client in their efforts to obtain a Building Permit or Building Approval.